Ernst Mach

Mach’s principal works in English

  • The Science of Mechanics (1883)
  • The Analysis of Sensations (1897)
  • Popular Scientific Lectures (1895)
  • Space and Geometry from the Point of View of Physical Inquiry (October 1903) In The Monist, Vol. XIV, No. I
  • History and Root of the Principle of the Conservation of Energy (1911)
  • The Principles of Physical Optics (1926)
  • Knowledge and Error (1976)
  • Principles of the Theory of Heat (1986)
  • Fundamentals of the Theory of Movement Perception (2001)

works by mach

Mach wrote numerous books, and it is a mark of his impact that several are still in print in English translations. Lack of space precludes a detailed bibliography, which can be found at the end of the article by Peter Alexander. Mach’s best known work is Die Mechanik in ihrer Entwicklung historisch-kritisch dargestellt (1883), translated as The Science of Mechanics by T. J. McCormack (LaSalle, IL: Open Court, 1960). Among his more physical writings, one can certainly recommend his Die Geschichte und die Wurzel des Satzes von der Erhaltung der Energie (1872), translated by P. E. B. Jourdain as History and Root of the Principle of the Conservation of Energy (Chicago: Open Court, 1911) and the Populärwissenschaftliche Vorlesungen, translated by T. J. McCormack as Popular Scientific Lectures (Chicago: Open Court, 1894), which includes a beautiful account of his work on shock waves. Also interesting but of uneven standards are his Space and Geometry (Chicago: Open Court, 1894) and Die Prinzipien der Wärmelehre, the last of Mach’s major books to be translated (Principles of the Theory of Heat. Dordrecht, Netherlands: D. Reidel, 1986). His most important book laying out his philosophy is undoubtedly Die Analyse der Empfindungen(1906) (The Analysis of Sensations, available from Dover Publications, 1959) and there is also Erkenntnis und Irrtum (1905) (Knowledge and Error. Dordrecht, Netherlands: D. Reidel, 1976). There is a valuable exhaustive list of Mach’s scientific papers and books (and much secondary literature in German) in Joachim Thiele’s “Ernst Mach-Bibliographie” published in Centaurus 8 (1963): 189–237.






















Title: On the origin of inertia
Authors: Sciama, D. W.
Journal: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 113, p.34

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